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ENGGI'S KITCHEN offers homemade Indonesian Street Food and specialty catering of Indonesian Food for 100 pax maximum.

Indo Bean UK

Bristol Indonesian Society is proud to present Indo Bean UK, at their annual event themed ” Wonderful Indonesia 2017″.

Visitors will have the chance to enjoy premium blended coffee and for those interested to know more about Indonesian coffee, well this is your chance.

The two behind the scene:
INDOBEAN UK founded by Alistair Clegg who start researching in Indonesian coffee since 2013 and in 2014 started trading Indonesian’s best coffees. Alistair has been in the coffee business for many years and passionate about coffee especially promoting Indonesian coffee such as Litong, Toraja, Mandheling and many others.
Al met Trigo Starden (a photographer and filmmaker) who happens to also have some knowledge about coffee, at various events for the Indonesian communities by Indonesian organizations in UK such as event by PERIUK an Indonesian Diaspora Network for UK and the Republic of Ireland.
Not until Alistair saw Trigo in Milan Italy at the Milan Expo 2015 when Trigo was promoting Indonesian Coffee for the Indonesian Trade Ministry and with the Head of the International Coffee Organisation the late Mr. Robério Oliveira Silva that Al is aware that he found the right partner to promote Indonesian coffee. They then merged the Bella Java and IndoBean UK to have one strong blend specialty coffee from Indonesia. 
Indo Bean Uk is base in Derbyshire, they are committed to providing the best quality tea and coffee at a reasonable and competitive price. They have good ethics and maintain a good quality control system throughout their sourcing process. With these commodities, it is important that the sourcing chain upholds these ethics and have a ‘Social Responsibility’ for accountability, compliance and sustainable practices.

Indo Bean UK is passionate about Indonesian coffees because they believe that Indonesia produces some wonderful coffee beans with its own distinct characteristics. Coffees from Java and Sumatra have a pungent, earthy tone, with the volcanic soil and wide range of altitudes producing an inherent sharpness that is very popular with many connoisseurs.


Java also produces an ‘aged’ coffee called Old Brown Java, which has been matured for up to three years in warehouses at the origin. This gives the coffee another flavor dimension that is not replicated anywhere else in the world. Papua New Guinea produces the popular Sigri coffee, which is grown at high altitude resulting in a coffee that has a fragrance and “low-key luxuriousness.”

To know more about Indo Bean UK please visit



Warung Jakarta

The three Indonesian ladies behind Warung Jakarta:

Tries Rideout an avid golfer and passionate cook lives in Yeovil for almost 12 years, Ida Isaac who looks after her private farm and friends nickname her ” the cake lady” lives in Taunton for more than 20 years, and there is Netty SR who recently moved to Thornbury 18 months ago, where her professional career was in the shipping business but since she move to the United Kingdom she venture out of her comfort zone and join force with Tries and Ida. Though they originally come from different parts of Indonesia, but they all have experienced living in the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. Hence Warung Jakarta was formed.

PhotoGrid_1491481734759 warung jakarta

At this year’s event, Warung Jakarta will serve her customers with various Indonesian homemade dish. Most of their provenance are from Ida’s organic farm.

We hope that you will visit and support Warung Jakarta and enjoy the various dish available at their stall during the Wonderful Indonesian 2017, Trinity Centre, BS2 0NW Bristol from 11 am – 5 pm, 29th of April 2017.





Joining with the other independent Indonesian Food caterer in the UK, ENGGI’S KITCHEN will be participating at the annual Bristol Indonesian Society event.

This is her first year opening her Indonesian Street Food Stall with the Bristol Indonesian Society. While ENGGI’S KITCHEN was just established back in September 2016, she has been quite active in promoting Indonesian Street Food in Bristol and in the UK by participating in various food festivals and events. The busy bee behind ENGGI’S KITCHEN is Enggi Holt, she lives in Bristol for over 8 years now. To her, Bristol and Jakarta is a city that gave her a lot experience, opportunities, and ideas.

jagung bose

To support the theme of this year annual event, ENGGI’S KITCHEN will be serving one dish among the other dishes that will be available at the event, Jagung Bose, a famous dish from East Nusa Tenggara, home to a beautiful tourist destination called Labuan Bajo. To know more about this dish, you will have to come and find ENGGI’S KITCHEN at the Wonderful Indonesian 2017, Trinity Centre, BS2 0NW

To learn more about ENGGI’S KITCHEN you can visit; @enggiskitchen or her facebook page enggiskitchen.



Dapur Teh Ina

We are pleased to announce that Dapur Teh Ina will be joining force with other exceptional Indonesian food vendors at the Wonderful Indonesia 2017 Bristol Indonesian Society annual event.

Ina Marlina Nugroho, the brain behind Dapur Teh Ina lives in London and has run her catering service for more than 10 years. As one of the chefs at a private school in London, cooking is in her blood.

She was born in Sukabumi, the western part of Java. Her place of origin is well known of its delicious Sundanese food. But for the upcoming festival, Dapur teh Ina will entice her customer with her skill in cooking Padang menu. Familiar names such as Beef Rendang, Grilled Chicken Minang style, and others will sure satisfy your urge to eat some spicy Indonesia food.

To know more about Dapur teh Ina, please visit her facebook page:


The Food at Wonderful Indonesia 2017

For this year event, Bristol Indonesian Society had chosen to promote tourist destination in Indonesia, and it is not only Bali.

However, due to popular demand of Indonesian food, you will find an array of stalls selling various delicious and affordable dish; some are returning food vendors such as:

The buzz at Malioboro Corner on last year’s event

But mostly they are the newcomer and would like to show off the cooking talent in this year events:

  • Enggi’s Kitchen
  • Warung Teh Ina
  • Warung Jakarta
  • Yummy Kitchen
  • Indo Bean UK

For those in need of some pampering, Ibu Sari will open her Sari Maxi spa corner at the event to give you a relaxing head and shoulder massage.

Me-Band (Group Band)


ME- Band short for  Mewa and Medley Band, is a scratch band formed by  a group of musician to support Mewa on her performance. The founder of this scratch band are Mewa (singer ), Daud (Bas), Naufal (guitar), Eddy Manurung (Guitar ) and Ivo (Keyboard). A true combination of musical talent formed only a week before the event. The link above is a sneak peek of their ultra short practice. Continue reading Me-Band (Group Band)