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Epilogue for 2016 Festival

Rosi Meilani and her husband who are reporter for are kind enough to compile their video shoot and reports during the event and make it into 12 minutes video clip.

So here are the video they made especially for BIS, thank you Rosi and Ade


2016 Event at Trinity Center

We are truly humbled and certainly relieved that our event was delivered and achieved our target.

The festival was 20 minutes late to start with, but the children of Bunga Nusantara performed beautifully, and they were the one who was anxious to perform on time… Well done for them who reminded us the oldies of our old Indonesian  behaviour of  “jam karet” – in english it literally means rubber time, or late.

But once we have started we can not stop. Thankfully everything went smoothly till the end, despite the fact that everything runs by amateurs

We are grateful of the support and a warm reception for our event by the local Bristolians, who dare to venture out to Indonesia through this event. The turn out at this event was quiet impressive, around 1200 people showed up and nearly half or more of it are the non- Indonesian, Trinity Centre were packed with people. All of the food vendors where doing well,  sate was the most popular dish. Laksa Bogor was also sold out before the end of the closing day, not to mention the ever so popular meat ball soup with noodle.

Full house
Full House

The performers were superb in their own way, from the very cute Bunga Nusantara Dancers, to the semi professional DaDili Dancers.

The Deputy Chief of Mission of Indonesian Embassy in UK, Mrs. Anita Luluhima especially came from London and we were honoured to have her with us almost for the whole event.

As promised, Bristol Lord Mayor Councillor Clare Campion-Smith attended the event with her Consort, where she listen to the Gamelan Music played by Bristol Community Gamelan playing Wilujeng ( a welcoming song from Central Java) before she went on to try the Warung Bu Dian’s famous Meat Balls (Bakso).

Both the Lord Mayor and Mrs. Anita through their respective speeches, support and promote this kind of event, we as the community need to bring and bridge the diverse communities from different cultures and background, and together we can build a city that is vibrant, creative and respectful of each other.

warung bu dian
a taste of Indonesian dishes
Bristol Lord Mayor and the Consort posing for photo session with the committee
Bristol Lord Mayor and the Consort posing for photo session with the committee

Last but not least, what stole the moment was Louis McKenzie, the story tellers who deliver 3 Indonesian folk tales. He was a true storyteller, the guests especially the children where taken to the mythical land of Indonesia, throughout the storytelling, their eyes and ears where glued, their mind filled with an imagined magical journey following each characters of the story through Louis’s voice. This is a true Indonesian tradition of story telling created here at the Trinity Centre, Bristol.

Louise McKenzie , tells the tales and manage to freeze the audience.
Louise McKenzie , tells the tales and manage to freeze the audience.

Regardless of all the little imperfection of the organisation, everybody enjoy themselves, by dancing together and….

Kekiri & kekanan song by Dadily and everybody dance along
Kekiri & kekanan song by Dadily and everybody dance along
Last Song...
Last Song…

See you next time…

Last we-fie before we leave the venue with those who had helped and involved in the event
Last we-fie before we leave the venue with those who had helped and involved in the event

*) stay tune and keep on visiting this site, as we are updating more pictures…

Rosi Meilani write the full report of the event on her blog here.


The Programme – 2016

It’s been a hectic months for us the committee doing all the preparation, such as gathering all the equipment, preparing for the decoration of the venue, buying and testing all the technical supporting instruments etc, contacting the people who are going to show off their cooking skills or those vendors who are selling Indonesian crafts and clothes, those who will perform in the events as well as those who are supporting the performers, not to mention promoting the event to various place and radio stations. Now its final.

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Final Preparation

party on

Less than 10 days to go… we are getting exited for the event.

Everybody who is involved are gearing up for the event, we had a rehearsal last weekend and those who will perform in the event had a feel of the stage and the venue.

On our flyer, we said we are having Indonesian Food for sale, Fashion Show, Folk Tales and Gamelan music, the truth is, there will be a lot more than that.  Rehearsing their ability were the children of BIS members who will dance at the event opening, as well as the Indonesian Students from PPI who are studying in various colleges in and around Bristol.

The models, practicing as well as having fun
The models, practicing as well as having fun

Did I mentioned dance?

Yes we will have several dance performances at the event, not only the girls, but by their moms as well as fully ornate Javanese Dance performed by a native Bristolians, who are specially trained for Javanese  (a full biography of the Dance is here).

We are also having DaDili Dance performed with the DaDili Band.  DaDili is a dance group from our neighbouring country, East Timor, who will perform their traditional dance. Here is part of their performance when they were in Brussels.

Will there be music?

DaDili group will perform the full package, which means they are not only going to dance but also the team will come with their music group, who will also play some East Timorese as well as Indonesian folk songs.

Mewa2But that’s not all, also there is an Indonesian Minimalis Acoustic Band which will perform, the band called “BRISIK“, which literally means “noisy”, its a Bristol-based minimalist band.  The name stands for Bristol Indonesian Acoustic. The band was founded by Ekky Imanjaya (42, guitar/backing vocal, PhD Student, University of East Anglia), Putu Suwarta (34,  bass, PhD Student, University of Bristol), and Mey Manalu (32, vocal, Master student, University of Bristol) early this year. The band mainly plays Indonesian popular and folk songs.

Mewa Pereira, another Indonesian singer who also lives and works (not as a singer) in Bristol will perform at this event, with our  ‘BIS’ advisor, Mr. Eddy Manurung and Indonesian students who happen to play a music instrument will show off their skill along with Mewa.

Last but not least, there will also be a surprise type of music, performed as a karaoke, very energetic type of music for the grass roots Indonesian which has only become popular over the last 30 years.


Come along to the Indonesian Iconic Dishes & Folk Tales Event and you’ll be entertained all the time you are there as it’s full of action events, not only about Indonesian food, but also about the sound and music, about movement and dance and off course the networking with Indonesians in Bristol.