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Joining with the other independent Indonesian Food caterer in the UK, ENGGI’S KITCHEN will be participating at the annual Bristol Indonesian Society event.

This is her first year opening her Indonesian Street Food Stall with the Bristol Indonesian Society. While ENGGI’S KITCHEN was just established back in September 2016, she has been quite active in promoting Indonesian Street Food in Bristol and in the UK by participating in various food festivals and events. The busy bee behind ENGGI’S KITCHEN is Enggi Holt, she lives in Bristol for over 8 years now. To her, Bristol and Jakarta is a city that gave her a lot experience, opportunities, and ideas.

jagung bose

To support the theme of this year annual event, ENGGI’S KITCHEN will be serving one dish among the other dishes that will be available at the event, Jagung Bose, a famous dish from East Nusa Tenggara, home to a beautiful tourist destination called Labuan Bajo. To know more about this dish, you will have to come and find ENGGI’S KITCHEN at the Wonderful Indonesian 2017, Trinity Centre, BS2 0NW

To learn more about ENGGI’S KITCHEN you can visit; @enggiskitchen or her facebook page enggiskitchen.




Performing at The 2017 Event

Whenever BIS (the Bristol Indonesian Society) organised a festival, we are not only selling food and its not only about Indonesian Food Festival. This year the theme is “Wonderful Indonesia” which we try to encourage people to go to Indonesia and see how wonderful Indonesia is. Thus in this year’s festival – as usual – we are also exhibiting Indonesian song and dances.

There are some returning performers who performed last year:

However there are many other performers who are eager to show off their talents as well as introducing different type of Indonesian culture other that we have seen last year.

They are:

All those performers will take turns during the festival. So if you are interested you should be prepared to be there all the long, as this festival not only showing off the food but also the culture, traditional song, traditional dances etc.



Dapur Teh Ina

We are pleased to announce that Dapur Teh Ina will be joining force with other exceptional Indonesian food vendors at the Wonderful Indonesia 2017 Bristol Indonesian Society annual event.

Ina Marlina Nugroho, the brain behind Dapur Teh Ina lives in London and has run her catering service for more than 10 years. As one of the chefs at a private school in London, cooking is in her blood.

She was born in Sukabumi, the western part of Java. Her place of origin is well known of its delicious Sundanese food. But for the upcoming festival, Dapur teh Ina will entice her customer with her skill in cooking Padang menu. Familiar names such as Beef Rendang, Grilled Chicken Minang style, and others will sure satisfy your urge to eat some spicy Indonesia food.

To know more about Dapur teh Ina, please visit her facebook page:


The Food at Wonderful Indonesia 2017

For this year event, Bristol Indonesian Society had chosen to promote tourist destination in Indonesia, and it is not only Bali.

However, due to popular demand of Indonesian food, you will find an array of stalls selling various delicious and affordable dish; some are returning food vendors such as:

The buzz at Malioboro Corner on last year’s event

But mostly they are the newcomer and would like to show off the cooking talent in this year events:

  • Enggi’s Kitchen
  • Warung Teh Ina
  • Warung Jakarta
  • Yummy Kitchen
  • Indo Bean UK

For those in need of some pampering, Ibu Sari will open her Sari Maxi spa corner at the event to give you a relaxing head and shoulder massage.


There are a lot of Indonesian students in the UK and all of them belongs to the Indonesian Students Association or PPI (Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia). There are a few dozens PPI branches across UK. One of them is PPI Wales, closest neighbour to Bristol. For this is they are  happy to participate in this year’s BIS’ events:  Wonderful Indonesia.

They started with Aldimas, Mailendra, Ima and Chiyar who then invited Rizki to hang around and jam together in a group. Rizki then become initiate the name of the  music group as Budjang Lapoek. The name was used between 2013 to 2014.

As the students come and go, the personnel were the same; some stay and some go.  The band was also on and off, till 2015/2016 where they performed in the launching of Indosoc. It was the same year they form a WhatsApp group and  officially their name become  PPIWales Band; or you can call them Indo-Cymru.

Today, member of the band consist of:  Baskoro, Dani Julian, Furqon, Nadhira, and Bang Ian as the vocal.
Elda, Furqon, Rizki, bang Ian on guitar.
Nano,and Kurnia on Bass
Ledwin on Keyboard
Ledwin and Dion on Ukulele
Dion and Bang Ian on Percussion
Ledwin on Harmonica

However, as they are students (which is their day job), when they performed the personnel may not always the same; the band could still perform with who ever available on the day, as each of them are very talented musician and can complement each other with different instrument as necessary.

Unlike many participant who showing off their cooking talents, these students will show off their musical talent.  BIS is honoured to have PPI Wales or Indo-Cymru to performing on our event.





Toko Gordon

Isma Yanthie Gordon, works at Toko Gordon (a name in Indonesian language) – or if you are translating the name into English then it should be “Gordon’s Shop” – since 2012 or rather she own and run Toko Gordon’s business. What make Isma and “Toko Gordon” different from other Indonesian ladies who open up a counter in BIS’ event is because Toko Gordon doesn’t sell hot food.

Yanthie Gordon’s explain to us that she can’t cook but she doesn’t want to miss out the activities of gathering with Indonesian friends that she met so far from all over UK. As a matter of fact Yanthie is clever enough to see a business opportunity, a chinwag with friends with the same language, and not forgetting Indonesian lifestyle of good Indonesian food; so she is selling the special ingredients to make a good Indonesian dishes.

colorful spices in a spoon an bowls from dark tropical wood as shown on Toko Gordon’s website

Though Toko Gordon has been establish for more than 4 years now, Yanthi’s expectation of the event is just happy to be among friends and promoting Indonesian, either from the special ingredient she’s selling or to meet new friends in Bristol. BIS is honoured to present Toko Gordon in our 2017 event.

More detail: