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Novel Damanik

Balinese Dance and Javanese Dance with gamelan music is ‘almost’ normal to be seen when you learn about Indonesia, as these are the Indonesian culture that most people know. However, Indonesia is not about Bali and Java, it’s about other islands with their own unique culture and dance. Last year we had Bunga Nusantara Dance Group performing several dances representing different dances from different islands. This time we were lucky to have Novel Damanik, who will performed Bataknese Dance solo.

Novel Damanik love to dance, especially Batak Dance, she used to performed in traditional Batak weddings. Now, for the last 2 years she’s been living in the UK, she needs an outlet of her dancing hobby.

So if you would like to see how Batak Dance is performed, she will be there on our Wonderful Indonesia Festival on the 29th of April 2017.



Performing at The 2017 Event

Whenever BIS (the Bristol Indonesian Society) organised a festival, we are not only selling food and its not only about Indonesian Food Festival. This year the theme is “Wonderful Indonesia” which we try to encourage people to go to Indonesia and see how wonderful Indonesia is. Thus in this year’s festival – as usual – we are also exhibiting Indonesian song and dances.

There are some returning performers who performed last year:

However there are many other performers who are eager to show off their talents as well as introducing different type of Indonesian culture other that we have seen last year.

They are:

All those performers will take turns during the festival. So if you are interested you should be prepared to be there all the long, as this festival not only showing off the food but also the culture, traditional song, traditional dances etc.



Gill Roberts (Dancer)

Gill Roberts

Having started out as an actor, Gill began studying Javanese dance and singing in in the 1990s, under teachers from STSI Solo including Sunarno, S Haryono, Dwi Wahyudiarto and with S Adi Pramono in Malang, East Java.

She studied Malang mask dance with teachers who were recognised as sumber (sources). In 2005 Gill was awarded a Lisa Ullmann Travelling Scholarship for further dance study in East Java, by which time she had led many participatory dance projects and workshops for all ages. She was choreographer for a BBC TV Reputations documentary about the dancer-spy Mata Hari, coached lead actors in the first London cast of the Lion King and has led many Javanese dance classes and workshops for the South Bank Centre London. Gill’s performances include the Ramayana (Royal Festival Hall), Jayaprana (The Place, London), tours with Thiasos Theatre Company’s mask dance drama Hippolytos (Cyprus and USA), and many appearances around the UK, Ireland and Java, including on Channel 4 and Indonesian TV.

Gill also studied Balinese dance with Ni Made Pujawati and was a founding member of Lila Bhawa dance company in London.

She will be dancing the Bapang Mask Dance,  from Malang, East Java at the Indonesian Iconic Dishes and Folktales, Saturday 7th of May 2016. What is Bapang Mask Dance? If you want to know more, come and join us at the festival.

DaDili (Dance Group)


DaDili Group was established in 1997, in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. In that year, the founder, Joao da Costa and friends who study in Yogyakarta created the East Timor’s traditional dance in order to promote the cultural dance. DaDili group begun to present the traditional dance in many important events, including Institute Seni Indonesia (ISI) Yoygakarta, Solidamor Jakarta, Dies Natalis of Gadjah Mada University, et cetera.

In Dili, East Timor, DaDili continued to perform in various events including Closure of Nobel Cup, Closure of Fretelin Campaign in National Stadium Dili, in 2001, Radio and Television of Timor Leste, et cetera. However, due to work and study reasons, DaDili went into hiatus.

DaDili  was reborn in Bristol, in  the 4th of October 2014. At that time, new DaDili members were reestablished in DaDili’s first performance in an event of a visit from ambassador RDTL for England and Ireland with Timorese community in Bristol, England. Starting from that day, DaDili had an initiative to promote East Timor’s cultural dance and music with the support of the band’s founder, Ivo Beram.

The group after their recent performance
The group after their recent performance

DaDili group is an independent non profit cultural group, welcoming everyone without differencing race, ethnic and religion. DaDili had performed in various events, whether locally or internationally. In 2015, DaDili performed at the Bristol Indonesian Society Bazaar Bristol; Patchway International Community Festival; Rugby Festival of Culture; Indonesian celeberation of Independence day at the Indonesian Embassy in London, et cetera. Additionally, DaDili was invited by East Timor’s Ministry of Tourism to represent East Timor by performing our cultural dance in Expo Milano, 2015. Recently, DaDili has successfully accomplished cultural dance and music at the 4th Lusofonia event, in Brussels. Generally, DaDili is able represent their cultural dance anywhere in regard to the availability of the group.

DaDili has a vision to remind and inspire Timorese people who is born outside the homeland and migrant to preserve their own identity and proud to be Timorese through traditional music and dance.

In order to establish their vision, DaDili has structured its organisation in February 2016, by selecting General Coordinator, Mrs. Nelia A.Costa, Secretary, Mrs. Carla G. Araujo, Tresurer I, Mrs. Adelia da Costa, Treaurer II, Mrs. Macia A. Silva, Co’ordinator of Dance, Mr. Joao Costa, Co’ordinator of Band, Mr. Moises Ribeiro, Co’ordinator of Public Relations, Mr. Ivo Beram, and Co’ordinator of Logistics, Mr. Oscar Silva. The objective of structuring DaDili group is to organise the group better and to run it smoothly and efficiently.

Through their dance group their aspire to respect the cultural and traditional beliefs, and hope to reduce conflicts and bring peace and unity in the community as a whole.

Contact details:

e-mail :           contactdadili@gmail.com

Mobile:           +44 7708893058

Facebook:       DaDili